What is NBA Live Mobile?

NBA Live Mobile is next generation basketball game where people can watch live NBA series which is organized by EA sports. It has recently introduced on various platforms including play store, app store, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 etc.

NBA drives their fans crazy after this as they can now play it on their own what they were witnessing before.

In NBA Live Mobile, you can build your own team and dominate your opponents. You can connect with the NBA Live throughout the year. Building your own team gives you the liberty to choose your own teammates that include various NBA Superstars.

You can create players and can be added to the roster. Players can also be upgraded to 99 using a unique feature.

You can unlock the teams by reaching out the various levels through the game and completing unique challenges.

The more you play and crack the levels and challenges, more you will be rewarded. The game features stars like Magic Johnson, Larry BirdWilt Chamberlain, etc. They are all on the All-Star teams.


NBA Live Mobile Live Events

NBA Live Mobile Live Events | NBALiveMobile.net

You can experience the ultimate lifestyle of basketball and be a hoopmaster. As said previously, you can follow the NBA all through the year coming with new challenges daily. You can score amazing rewards in real-life matchups, head-to-head mode, etc. to become a hoop master every day


NBA Live Mobile Run Your Team

NBA Live Mobile Run Your Team |  NBALiveMobile.net

You can be the GM and rise the ranks upgrading your roster. In NBA Live Mobile, you can build NBA franchise with NBA Superstars. You can get authentic 5-on-5 action and can dominate your counter ones. Just work the auction house and beat the counter team.

So keep playing more, the more you can earn packs and coins. The more you earn rewards, the more you can unlock special features through which you can take your team to an elite level.


How to Play The Game?

Initially while starting off the game, it is essential to form your team. It is a necessity to run your team well to bring down your opponents.

  • In NBA Live Mobile, you would be allowed to be the General Manager. So you can be GM of your team. It depends on you how you train your team, upgrade your roster and build up your ranks.
  • Select the best players and create a powerful and unconquerable team. Such factors would be achieved if and only if you device certain strategies.
  • To select the best players, it would be essential for you to attend auctions. Hence, it is your accountability to work the auction house.
How to Play NBA Live Mobile

How to Play NBA Live Mobile

The developers of NBA Live Mobile are the same as those who developed Madden Mobile, and therefore most of the gameplay resembles the Madden mobile. Initially, the game has tutorial mode from which you can learn how to play the game, and also you get some free packs.

If you are playing Madden mobile or had played before, you definitely will like this game too. The quality of the game, User Interface and graphics are excellent, and it does not hang/stuck/lag while playing online.


NBA Live Mobile App Store


It runs very effortlessly and neither bear an extra memory load nor heat up the device? The game was launched in the US in July 2016. We are providing three buttons on the right side of the game and that is name as Block, Guard, and Switch. And on the left-hand side, we are provided with a joystick which moves the player right, left, up and down.

The GamePlay

In this game, you have to control the basketball players on the court. If you want to score the ball into the basket then you have to apply amazing tricks, cunning feints and must do accurate passes. You can buy basketball players and then you have to train them so that you can improve the performance of your team.

So collect a dream team and become the owner of your favorite NBA team. With the help of your players, you can win exciting matches against rival teams. All your victories will reward in the form of coins. You can further use these coins to buy players pack. You can also use your real money to buy these players pack.

Game Features

  • Here you are facing real teams and NBA Players. The game comes with great graphics.
  • The game comes with great graphics.
  • Here you are given daily tasks that you have complete in order to earn coins.
  • In this game, you will face dynamic matches.

NBA Live Mobile Cheat Tool

Using our above-suggested method, first, go to the link provided and a new page would open up. This page is an online generator page.

Simply do few simple steps starting with entering your NBA Live Mobile username. Then, select device and click the ‘Connect’ button.

After your account successfully connects, you just go through the items you are interested in buying free of cost. That’s it. After few permissible seconds, restart the game, and you will see all the bought items over there.

NBA Live Mobile Cheat Code

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  6. bciZEf0ycD to Claim 5,750 NBA Cash.
  7. XbXVXpBRaS to Claim 12,000 NBA Cash.
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It is common for game devs use this in-app purchase things code to check their apps. As luck would have it our team are ready to get those codes simply that we offer daily on this website.

NBA Live Mobile Result Code


Similarly, you can obtain different codes to unlock the Black Market and finding runes. For this, you have to choose “view card”.

Now rotate the card in different directions to find a rune. A rule is something that looks like an alien. It appears in the left border area of the card. Once you have done with finding five runs from viewing and rotating cards, a special rune code will have given to you so that you can have access to Black Market temporary.

Similarly, various cheat codes and tricks can obtain.

Player list and some database along with game information are provided to get you acquaint with the NBA Live.

Thus, we saw an overview of NBA Live Mobile that includes what NBA Live Mobile is, what it features and how it looks like. Also, we discussed NBA Live Mobile hack tool, NBA Live Mobile cheats, and mod apk.

Hope you got sufficient knowledge about NBA Live Mobile. So whom are you waiting for? Just go and download it.

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