All basketball game lovers prefer PC to play NBA Live Mobile game which is also played on PlayStation and XBOX. Along with this these also available for smartphone and tablets, which is work on the majority operating system on mobo devices like Android and iOS.

WHAT IS NBA Live Mobile?

The 3D basketball game – NBA LIVE Mobile is developed by the Electronic Arts. It is one of the few remarkable basketball games accessible on Android. Thanks to the typical outstanding work from Electronic Arts, you can also discover exceptional presentation and graphics.
Cheers to its official NBA certificates, you can discover real teams, for instance, the Bulls, the Lakers, and the Cavaliers. You can also play as Stephen Curry, Kevin Garnett, Dwayne Wade, or similar star players. Amazing! Isn’t it?

The controls of the game may appear a bit complex. And as a result, NBA LIVE Mobile offers a wide tutorial that clarifies how to block, pass, dribble, and shoot the ball, of course. So, if you wish to have a chance against these computer-controlled teams, all you need to do is master these movements.

Thanks to the NBA LIVE Mobile, you can play regular games against other NBA teams with the four quarters. Likewise, you can take part in day-to-day events. In these kinds of events, you can play in particular contests like slam dunks, foul shots and the like. And over, you can receive special cards as well. You can buy more and more cards with the money you earn within the game itself, or with real money.

Here are several features of the game:

• With the reinvented NBA LIVE Mobile, you can take the game of basketball to simply the next level.

• Besides, you can gain Rep in Head-to-Head games and well along use it to upgrade players.

• You can train the players to level them up and develop their skills.

• You can build team chemistry and catch boosts every time you match players to a particular coach’s style.

• You can develop a typical line-up of NBA legends and take them to the runway.

All basketball game lovers prefer PC to play NBA Live Mobile game which is also played on PlayStation and XBOX. Along with this these also available for smartphone and tablets, which is work on the majority operating system on mobo devices like Android and iOS.

There is no comparison between any other games which is related to basketball vs NBA Live designed by all known Gaming Company named as EA Sport (Electronic Arts). It’s a good news for all NBA lover whose waiting for a long period to play this game on their mobile devices too.

NBA Live Mobile, EA Sports has finally come up with a game that mobile users had been waiting for.

This game works on the basis of a freemium model which mean you can download NBA Live Mobile Game for free, but now you need to pay extra money for more additional and optional NBA Live Mobile features which makes your gaming experience more better.

This optional real money coughing thing is not so necessary for playing this game. If you don’t want to spend your real money on the game, you can still play the game.
Basically, EA Sport’s has been designed this model for all its mobile game version.

Now make sure to play this game user must have an active internet connection to log in and enjoy the game. Without logging in you can’t play this game.
Also, make sure to make your wifi stable while playing this game. Due to heavy traffic on EA games, most of the time it takes too much load time for the user login. So make sure if your running internet or WiFi on slow you need to fix it up.

While you playing this game you experienced the thing. Which is if exceed the number of users playing this game the game will load slowly and not work smoothly. As compared, while less number of users playing this game it will work quite smooth and load faster.

Surprisingly the file of the game is low as it sized up 95MB. But after playing this game for a few days you have seen it will take added 60 MB storage. But it doesn’t affect the gameplay and graphics as it will not feel cheap and lagged in visuals.


EA takes an advantage on making fixed camera angles by making game size low. There is some visual that might be disappointed you, which is not in detailed like close-ups, replays and also it stuck with fixed sideline view. This disappointed thing ruined for those who played NBA on PC or consoles. They will miss this detailed visual elements, but for the user who is not that much familiar to gameplay on PC or console. That user enjoyed this NBA game better than any other basketball game on his mobile device.

While EA Sports has an official license for the team NBA and players. You can also take control over your favourite teams and players too.
EA Sports perfectly executes the things like Team Jerseys, player body details and the movement of the gameplay on a single small screen. Now you must say they done their job brilliantly by making this game.


If you played FIFA Ultimate Team before playing NBA Mobile you will get noticed the similar model of built-the-team. Now enjoy your own NBA team with your favourite players provided you have the resources to pay for them. This is the thing where you need to spend real money to get coins which further to buy the player which you want. Now here you understand why players needed money in this game.

Those who are not familiar with NBA players but interested in playing the game have nothing to worry about players knowledge. The game provides all detailed information of players like the rating of player his strengths and weakness too. Now it will more easy to choose players which are important and helpful to you. Also, it shows some hints and tricks to handle control which shows in sticker boxes in the game.

You must be thinking about it tough to play this game. But it depends on the both your team and your opponent. But it doesn’t look uncomfortable while playing this game’s controller, that the rarity in the mobile games.

The menu of this game is similar to the very known EA Sports UFC game. But there is hidden menu bar which keeps track on your next match leagues, your team auction windows and much more…

Is it worth downloading?

The game is quite enjoying since you are not a big fan of the NBA. Still, you enjoy the game and it is time killer, in fact, you can make your own team in this game whom you want. And that’s the main thing which EA Sport makes happen every time and it makes gamers so addictive.

Price: Free (In-app purchases: Rs.62 to Rs.6,200)

Available on: Android, iOS

Tested on: OnePlus One (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 3GB RAM, 64GB storage)